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XL0700 is a synthetic hybrid calcium sulfonate grease, that demonstrates exceptional mechanical stability and resistance to both continuous high and extreme low temperatures (-60 to 260ºC).

XL0700 is fully formulated with the latest in EP additive technology and functions very well under high loads. The unique thickening structure virtually eliminates water washout, resists oxidation and inhibits corrosion.

• Bearings exposed to high temperatures• Industrial equipment in an adverse
environment or under heavy load
• Bearings exposed to low temperatures• Bearing operating at low or high rpm
• Bearings exposed to water (such as wet
end of paper machine)
• Electric motors
• Calendar rolls• Rotary joints
• Heavy machinery• Crusher bearings
• Gear boxes requiring greases• Fifth Wheel
• Roller bearings
Product Code: XL0700/015/002/046/220/402/802
N.L.G.I. Grade:1.522222
Penetration (after 60 strokes) @ 25°C (ASTM D-217)303275275275280285
Dropping Point (°C) (ASTM D-2265)300300300300>300300
Timken OK Load (kg) (ASTM D-2509)272727272727
Oil Separation (24hrs @ 25°C) (ASTM D-1742)0.1%0.1%0.1%0.1%0.17%0.1%
Temperature Range (°C)-60 to 250-60 to 250-42 to 260-26 to 265-28 to 265-60 to 250
Minimum Dispensing Temperature (°C)-60-40n/a-25-15-35
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt @ 40°C) (ASTM D-445)9822043.822647515
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt @ 100°C) (ASTM D-445)11.321.57.125.538.53.5
AdditivesEP, AW, R&O
Roll Stability Penetration (ASTM D-1831)+19+19+19+19+19+19
4 Ball Wear Test, m/m scar, 40kg, 1200rpm, 75°C, 1 h (ASTM D-2266)0.320.320.390.320.360.32
4 Ball EP Test, LWI (kg) (ASTM D-2596)500500500500500500
Rust Test (48hrs @ 52°C) (ASTM D-1743)1,1,11,1,11,1,11,1,11,1,11,1,1
Water Washout @ 79°C (% loss) (ASTM D-1264)2.752.
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942) @ 100 hrs0 PSI
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942) @ 500 hrs2 PSI
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942) @ 1,000 hrs9 PSI

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