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Progressive Grease Distribution Blocks

ATS Electro-Lube’s electro-mechanical lubricators can be used with progressive grease distribution blocks to feed up to 12 lubrication points.

In a nutshell, this means that one single ATS automatic lubricators can provide consistent and reliable lubrication to several pieces of equipment, or to multiple lubrication points on a single machine.

Our electro-mechanical units used with our progressive distribution blocks provide a self-contained multi-point lubrication system that requires absolutely zero maintenance for up to 24 months. We can supply 2 to 12 port grease divider blocks to increase the economy of your lubrication systems

How Lubrication Distribution Blocks Work

A progressive lubricant distribution block is designed to maximise efficiency by feeding multiple lube points from one lubricant source. ‘Progressive’ means that the block cycles through each port one at a time. In contrast, a parallel lubrication system services each lubricant line independently of the others.

The advantage of the progressive lubrication system is that if one lubricant line is blocked or faulty, it will shut off the entire system and the unit will go into pause mode. This will alert the user via an alarm or visual inspection, and the issue can be quickly resolved. In a parallel system if one line is blocked the system keeps functioning whilst one line is starved, usually leading to failure of the starved bearing or component.

All ports in the block MUST be used – you cannot plug any port on the block. Plugging a port prevents shuttling of the progressive spindle and will halt operation of the distribution block. Always choose the distribution block with the correct number of ports.

If you need to reduce the number of lubrication points being fed you can join two of the lines to prevent having to block a port. Standard plumbing fittings can be used or we can supply special port fittings and hoses for lubrication distribution blocks. We also supply a specialist port splitter, which will join 2 outlets together.

Note that when joining two ports the bearing being fed by joined lines will receive double the grease of any being fed by a single line. If this is unacceptable you can instead feed the spare line back into the lubricator, or into an overflow container to ensure that each lube point receives the correct amount of grease.

You can also port splitters to control grease volumes and deliver different amounts of grease to different bearings, without having to install a separate unit.

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