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Lubricator Brackets

ATS mounting plates and brackets for automatic lubricators make mounting your system a snap. They can be either screwed in, or simply hung with a bolting clamp.

Fit ATS lubricator brackets directly to machinery, to the wall or ceiling. Our powerful lubricators can all be mounted in any orientation, even upside down, up to 10m from the lube point. 

Our multi point lubrication system brackets feature a built in distribution block, allowing you to feed up to 12 points from a single lubricator – providing the most cost-efficient system available. 

All of our lubricator brackets allow for the fitting of a lubricator weather cap. This provides secondary protection in particularly dusty, steamy, or wet environments.

How to fit automatic lubricators


1. Fitting lubrication systems to rails

If there are rails, posts, screens, or fences near to the lubrication point, then the easiest way to fit a lubricator is to simply hang the bracket with our fixing bolt kit.

As shown in the top image, the c-shaped clamps bolt around any rail or upright in a few seconds.

The luber then simply slips down into the bracket from above, is secured with the retaining ring, and then turned on as per the lubricator instructions.

2. Fitting lubrication systems to the wall

To fit any ATS lubrication system to a wall or ceiling, hold the bracket up against the surface, and with a pencil mark the location of two of the fixing holes. 

Take the bracket away, drill the marked holes, and put a wall plug in each hole. Then put the bracket back up to the holes and use suitable screws to fix it. 

Slip the lubricator into the bracket, secure with retaining ring, and set the lubricator as per the instructions.

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